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Serves poke bowls and sushi burritos.


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Honestly I was skeptical of this place since there were no reviews and a sushi burrito doesn't seem like something that could show up quality via delivery. But I was proved wrong. Quality was A+++. We got the Pokeman burrito and the Kaba and 2 miso soups. The soup was great. The burritos were delicious. I think my only complaint was that they don't know how to build a burrito correctly. Ever seen the video that jokes about how people make burritos wrong? That was it. The fish in one bite. The lettuce in another bite, the crab in the next bite. Instead of being able to have it all together and taste the mixture. But the ingredients were fresh, the taste was bomb and they were nice sized for the price. Def suggested as a sushi fix and I can guarantee you will enjoy it. I loved them. So much actually that I'm writing this review about 4 days after ordering from them because I was prompted to do so before going to place another order on grub hub. Guess who I'm ordering from? These guys again. It was that good.


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This place is great. Second time ordering from them and both times was impressed. Portions are big. I've gotten both a bowl and poke burrito. The fish tastes fresh, the size of the bowl and burrito are both big and filling. I would expect a place like this to fill the burrito with rice and be skimpy on the fish and other items. But it's loaded with the good stuff. If you love sushi, this is a great alternative to a basic roll. Quality quality quality. Thanks again guys. The order was also like 30 min EARLY. that's right. Early. Cheers. Will be ordering again. I just got on grub hub to scan for food and it asked me if I wanted to leave a review.. Now that I wrote this.. I think I know what I want for dinner. Lol.


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I was interested to try a sushi burrito and this didn't disappoint. It was pretty much exactly what you would expect when you think sushi burrito! I was hungry and ordered a poke bowl too but after the burrito, I was full! That didn't stop me though, and I dug into the bowl, for a few bites anyway. Got brown rice and extra spicy sauce. Good stuff, give it a try!


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This was our first time here, but I will definitely return! It is some of the best poke I've had here in Vegas. I love that you can customize your poke bowl. The fish was extremely fresh and delicious. We also ordered a sushi burrito, which was amazing. I highly recommend this restaurant! Can't wait to eat there again.


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The delivery driver was very very polite gave me free coupon and explain the services to me this is my first time using GrubHub I love it I'll definitely be using it again and again it's opened up a whole new world.

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I'm from NYC, I ordered from Pokman after a long day at CES to my slightly depressing Motel (hey, it was CES) and it made my NIGHT. Maybe my day. And I saw amazing things that day. It was so delicious, generously portioned and beautiful - I ordered from them again the second night. I only wish I could get them to deliver from my apartment in NYC. Thanks for making my nights!


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Driver was very fast prompt and came to my door which is always a plus and the food.... no words can honestly describe how good this really is


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Really fresh crisp ingredients. Typically I'd be hesitant to order delivery for something like this but it was really amazing!

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Looking for a quick, healthy and TASTY? Meal? Try One Of our Pokébowls?! We Have Lots of fresh veggies to complement your seafood selection (healthy PROTEIN??!) And Better Yet, we now offer BROWN RICE to round the whole meal out!